That Something is a design agency committed to creating
real impact with the organisations we work with and projects
we are a part of.


That Something is who we are and what we do.


That something, which makes all the difference to a city,
an organisation or a business.


We identify ”that something” and work to release and enhance it, whether that means organisational cultural change, city strategy,
place branding, leadership coaching, circular business modelling
or (that) something else.


We are deliberately not wedded to a particular outcome, but use design as the approach to any project. That Something’s approach unlocks the power of design in four strokes: Foresight, insight, scenarios and realisation.


That Something values desirability over feasibility or viability
and puts human potential first.


That Something is specialised in operationalising big strategies and creating desirable resilient futures. As far as strategies go, it doesn’t get bigger than the UN sustainable development goals. We work to integrate and activate them as an asset strategically, and as a bolster for desirable futures and a resilient business.

Lets turn
uncertain futures

into desirable futures!

That Something

Gothersgade 11

1123 Copenhagen K


Michael Brinch

+45 2258 5804


Alice Holmberg

+45 5055 5896




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